For Thanksgiving this year, my great bake-minded friend Jessica and I attempted Turkey Cake Pops (thanks to Bakerella’s inspiration!).

We started with this spread of goodies…

And some cake balls, of course.  I made peanut butter chocolate balls; Jess made funfetti balls.

Bakerella’s cakepops called for espresso beans, but we couldn’t find any, so we used chocolate covered almonds, which worked just as well.  We also couldn’t find caramel candy corns, so we used fall ones instead.

Now, we quickly learned a surprising little lesson:  Tasty, fruit-dipping chocolate may be great for dipping fruit, but it is not great for dipping cake at midnight the day before Thanksgiving.  it didn’t set, which made ‘gluing’ any of the turkey bits to the turkey bodies pretty impossible.

So we switched to chocolate almond bark – not quite as milk chocolatey, but it set nice and fast.  While I dipped the cake balls in the new, better chocolate, Jess worked hard putting together the turkey heads:

Gobble, gobble!

The heads are chocolate-covered almonds.

The beaks are rainbow chips, the waddles are red frosting, and the eyes are drawn on with edible cookie markers.

A few hundred corn candy feathers later, and…voila:

Cute, aren’t they?!

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