A Writing Update


I just wanted to share with you all that I’m now writing online content for my local paper, The Greeley Tribune, for a new moms section they’re doing.  I’m not going to link them all here like I do my Get Born posts, but my usual days for the Greeley Moms will be Wednesdays, so go read them (please)!   I’m proud to be part of a new project with some other talented moms!

Today I posted this about Kai…

There are times in life that those around us think they know what is best for our kids, what is going on with them and how we should proceed.

But most times, their mothers are the only ones that truly know. It’s that little mother voice in our hearts, the intuition, that tells us something isn’t as it is supposed to be.

Sometimes we listen to it, and sometimes we ignore it only to have it keep haunting us until we finally take notice. That little voice tells us the fever at 2 a.m. is worth a trip to the emergency room. It tells us the spot on our child’s skin is more than just a bug bite or the tantrums our little one throws are more than just the terrible twos. … more

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  1. Kayni, your article made me smile. You are the person that can handle this, thrive, and nurture your child in a way that’s not possible by most. Your perspective is beautiful.

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