Waiting Game…Get Born Post


Boiling sky over South Fork, Colorado

My boys and I had quite the experience on what should have been an idyllic family vacation this week.  Read about it over at Get Born Magazine: 

Last summer, I posted a poem about the awesome strength of Mother Nature and our powerlessness in the face of that strength.  As Colorado is scorched by heat and fire far, far too early in the season this year, our air once again grows hazy, and our sunsets take on the eerie orange glow of a sci-fi movie.   Last summer, my boys and I watched the sky change daily with the fire in Fort Collins, and my four-year-old asked every fireman he saw if they had been to fight the forest fire.  But it stayed far away, an abstract event happening to other people.

This week, forest fire became a much more concrete force...read more

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