The Elf…He’s Coming for Us


I’ve avoided the bandwagon like the plague thus far, but I’m actually considering doing Elf on the Shelf this year.  Not like it’s supposed to be done, with the guilt and the looking-over-your-shoulder to make sure a creepy elf isn’t watching you to report back to Santa.  I’m not a big fan of guilting my children into being good under threat of no Christmas.  I prefer they just be good consistently all year, Christmas or no.  But, soapbox aside, I do think K and N would love getting up each day to find out what mischief the elf caused during the night.

I will tell you, though…he won’t be doing this:

Who has time to wrap the toilet up like a giant present?  Or to unwrap the mushy paper when a sleepy kid rushes out of his bedroom and then dribbles pee all over the thing?  Not me.

This is more my style:

I can stick an elf in a half-shredded roll of toilet paper on the bottom step.  I’ll just have to hope the cats don’t finish shredding the roll and hide the elf’s body under the couch.  Although that might make for a fun end to him anyway.  We’ll see how it’s going by about Dec. 10th.  If I haven’t forgotten he exists or grown tired of making up silly positions, throwing mini marshmallows around my house, and posing him in Lego battles, we’ll skip death by cat.

I think we’ll have fun with whatever knock-off elf I buy on Amazon. We love silliness, and mischief is N’s middle name.  And if I forget to move him one night, we’ll just say he got stuck in a game of freeze tag with the Lego fireman or something.  I’m quick on my feet like that.

So wish me luck, and send me any ideas you have.  Or any ideas you have that don’t involve an hour wrapping my toilet in plaid Christmas paper, at least.

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