Done and Done.


Well, it’s officially 13 minutes into December.  NaBloPoMo is over, and although I missed a couple of posting days, I’m counting it as a success.  My goal going into the month was to jumpstart my blogging with fresh content, and I did so much more than that.  Forcing myself to write every (or almost every) day was surprisingly difficult.  I have a lot of opinions, and a lot to say, but many days I sat down at a blank screen and just stared.  So much pressure!  A post with new words that didn’t sound self-serving (my big fear) or boring or just plain stupid.  When I just did a new post the day before!

But I sat down and did it, and the response was good!  Grew my blog, grew my followers, and definitely found a lot to say.  I’ve struggled finding a niche for this blog, but NaBloPoMo helped me decide I don’t need to narrow it down.  I want to write seriously about special needs issues one day and humorously about potty training the next, and that’s okay.  Because all I really want to do is write and hope someone reads it, and clearly some people are.

So my goal for December is to write at least every other day.  Hold me to it, in case my fingers and my ideas get lazy.  They tend to do that, but once the momentum is there, it’s much easier to keep it going.  Thank god for NaBloPoMo for bringing Two Little Fishies back from the grave it was slowly crawling toward, wordless and unread.


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