Kinder on the Horizon


My post for Rocky Parenting today…I’m in a pool of anxiety over losing my buddy time with N to the great unknown of public school.

Rocky Parenting

This month, the “good” schools in town are drawing their lottery winners (winners?  ugh) They have few spots and many names in the pool, and I imagine some highly-empowered office assistant pulls papers from a file and they right down the names.  And then the letters go out to the families of kids who were drawn.  We have N’s name in two school drawings here and on an open enrollment list in the next town over.  It’s all a little nauseating for about a million reasons.

What happened to the days of just assuming your kids would walk down the block to the neighborhood school and get a good education?  I won’t even get started on what the “good education” has come to.  That’s another blog, another three hours on my soap box…

But I am acutely aware that N will be going to school next year.  Not cozy, homey…

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