“Awkward Love,” A Writing Contest that Has Nothing to Do With Parenting


Oh, don’t we all have that awkward love story just waiting to be made public? I’m supplying the prize for this contest, and Rocky Parenting would love to see your submissions!

Rocky Parenting

rpVintage Valentine 14

“Awkward Love”

A writing contest that has nothing to do with parenting–brought to you by the editors of Rocky Parenting.


Open to everyone. We are looking for true, well-written stories (500-900 words) about your awkward romantic moments, PG-13 or tamer. Did you spend three hours on your hairstyle for your senior prom only to have your date pick you up in a jeep with no cap? Did your seatmate on a transatlantic flight try to seduce you by mansplaining the mysteries of the world, only to eat his small cheese without removing the red wax wrapper? Have you ever answered a phone call from your mother while on a date with your spouse? Farted in bed with a one night stand? These are stories we want to hear. If you can make us laugh, we’ll love you even more. Please don’t send entries with graphic sexual detail (though…

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