Ten Years into Marriage…No Applause Needed


Ten year married, and we’re still sane 😉

My husband and I were planning an anniversary trip the other day, and we mentioned that we’ll have been married 10 years in March.  5-yr-old N overheard the conversation and said, “Wow, you guys have been married ten years?  It feels like twenty!”  We just laughed and agreed – it does feel like twenty most of the time.

Caiti Mondragon had a great post last week about accomplishing a decade of marriage, and the ten-year mark does really feel like a big one.  When it comes up in conversation, people have been congratulating me, and I keep seeing articles and blog posts about the admirable things couples have done to make it to the big ten.  Which leads me to believe in this age of staggering divorce rates, going strong at ten years must be more impressive than I thought….read more at Rocky Parenting


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  1. We’ll be married 43 years, six days from now. In addition to making us very lucky it also makes us……old.
    Congratulations to you two! And that sweet N.

      • I was 12 and Judy was 10. It was an arranged marriage and our fathers exchanged goods. I received a fine milk cow and Judy received 6 laying hens. They were the only things laying for a time, as I was a wee lad and she just a girl.

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