NaBloPoMo and Some Blog CPR

NaBloPoMo and Some Blog CPR

It is the second of November, which means NaBloPoMo started yesterday. Which also makes me a day late not only in giving cpr to my comatose blog but also my NaBloPoMo commitment. Story of my life.

I’m hoping the rhythm of daily blogging will come back like the fluid up and down of a bike pedal, albeit with all the clumsy swerving of a kid whose ride has been parked in the garage for the cold part of a year.

The last ten months have vacillated between the great highs and lows that come with parenting kids like mine. You know, the human kind. But in all of that, I have missed blogging tremendously. Blogging gives me the vehicle I need to find my own voice and connect my threads, and there have been some things on the plate that I can’t wait to get out there.

So, you’ll all stick with me while I wade back into giving just the kind of unsolicited, highly articulate parenting advice, emotional word vomit, and hysterical anecdotes you’ve missed over the last ten months, won’t you?


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