Welcome to my adventures in being an infallible mother, top chef, and bestselling novelist.  Basically.

Me:  I’m a mother of two really wonderful boys. I’m also a writer, a teacher, a baker, and a creator.

Since my first born was an infant, I have sung him a lullaby about loving him like the fish love the sea, like the earth loves the trees.  Some nights, I get so tired of the monotony that I cut the song short, but the sentiment remains.

Like the fish need the sea for the air they breathe, the space to swim free, and a place to call home, I need my kids.  I also need, but not quite as badly, a space in my life to write, a smaller space to craft and cook, and somewhere in all of that a tiny little space to be quiet.  That last space is sort of like finding room for a small zebra in the back of my Jeep.   It has also recently occurred to me that fish get eaten and otherwise mangled by a lot of stuff in the ocean, so there’s that, too. It’s not all love and fuzzies, but a lot of it is.


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