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Why Mommies Need Nights Out


I got to wear earrings last night.  Hang-down ones that would normally be perfect for the baby to pull straight through my earlobes.  And high heeled boots.  Got to wear those, too.  I even came home with a bar bracelet on and cheeks rosy from vodka crans.   I went out with adults, and I dressed like one!   This is not an every day thing for me because, well, there isn’t a whole lot to dress for when your boss is your kids.

My usual uniform is something like this:

Sweats or jeans and a tee-shirt, flip flops, hair in a ponytail and a little mascara.  The necklace Baby K likes to chew on if I’m leaving the house.  Hoodie.

Clearly, it’s very classy.  It also makes me feel very fancy and grown-up.  When I’m playing lincoln logs on the carpet and changing diapers.  Normally, I don’t even care.  I’m comfy, and my kids certainly don’t care if Mama is a fashion model. Luckily, because I never will be.

But once in a while, mamas need a little non-mama time, don’t we?  A little time to remember what it was like to drink until 3am and sleep until noon the next day.  To laugh until our cheeks hurt and dance until our feet ache.  A chance to fix our hair for once and put on real makeup.  To feel like someone other than a hungry baby groping for a breast might look our way.

So last night, as I ripped off the drink bracelet and took off the jewelry, I stood for a minute in front of the mirror and reminded myself I actually am more than a mama once in a while.  And that I do own some pretty cute earrings.