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NaBloPoMo and Some Blog CPR

NaBloPoMo and Some Blog CPR

It is the second of November, which means NaBloPoMo started yesterday. Which also makes me a day late not only in giving cpr to my comatose blog but also my NaBloPoMo commitment. Story of my life.

I’m hoping the rhythm of daily blogging will come back like the fluid up and down of a bike pedal, albeit with all the clumsy swerving of a kid whose ride has been parked in the garage for the cold part of a year.

The last ten months have vacillated between the great highs and lows that come with parenting kids like mine. You know, the human kind. But in all of that, I have missed blogging tremendously. Blogging gives me the vehicle I need to find my own voice and connect my threads, and there have been some things on the plate that I can’t wait to get out there.

So, you’ll all stick with me while I wade back into giving just the kind of unsolicited, highly articulate parenting advice, emotional word vomit, and hysterical anecdotes you’ve missed over the last ten months, won’t you?


Working Memories


On Rocky Parenting today: the importance of taking your kids to work.

Working Memories



It is always this time of night that drags me under. Midnight, 1am. I kiss first N’s then Little K’s warm cheek and make sure toes are snugly covered. And when I go to bed, I miss them. I want to scoop up those sweaty little weights and smuggle them into bed with me so I can hold time still. Keep them small and sleepy and tangled in dreams of dinosaur tails.

Those salty-sticky, tired heads are getting so big, so fast. Little K says proudly “I am turned three now!” and wants to do all of everything on his own. I filled out kindergarten paperwork this week for a child named N, but I swear my son with the same name just turned two last week. I keep buying bigger shoes and measuring higher on the wall, but I’m in denial until I catch a sidelong glance at long big-boy legs or a missing dimple on a wrist. And then I’m shocked.

N has his first crush at school, on a little brown-haired firecracker called C. He told his dad with nothing but innocence at dinner last night: “Daddy, I figured out why I love C! Her middle name is Nicole, just like Mama’s middle name. And I love Mama.” I may always be his first love, but this spot as his best is getting shorter every day. I already see the side swept hair of a teenaged boy embarrassed of his mom’s affection.

“Awkward Love,” A Writing Contest that Has Nothing to Do With Parenting


Oh, don’t we all have that awkward love story just waiting to be made public? I’m supplying the prize for this contest, and Rocky Parenting would love to see your submissions!

Rocky Parenting

rpVintage Valentine 14

“Awkward Love”

A writing contest that has nothing to do with parenting–brought to you by the editors of Rocky Parenting.


Open to everyone. We are looking for true, well-written stories (500-900 words) about your awkward romantic moments, PG-13 or tamer. Did you spend three hours on your hairstyle for your senior prom only to have your date pick you up in a jeep with no cap? Did your seatmate on a transatlantic flight try to seduce you by mansplaining the mysteries of the world, only to eat his small cheese without removing the red wax wrapper? Have you ever answered a phone call from your mother while on a date with your spouse? Farted in bed with a one night stand? These are stories we want to hear. If you can make us laugh, we’ll love you even more. Please don’t send entries with graphic sexual detail (though…

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Kinder on the Horizon


My post for Rocky Parenting today…I’m in a pool of anxiety over losing my buddy time with N to the great unknown of public school.

Rocky Parenting

This month, the “good” schools in town are drawing their lottery winners (winners?  ugh) They have few spots and many names in the pool, and I imagine some highly-empowered office assistant pulls papers from a file and they right down the names.  And then the letters go out to the families of kids who were drawn.  We have N’s name in two school drawings here and on an open enrollment list in the next town over.  It’s all a little nauseating for about a million reasons.

What happened to the days of just assuming your kids would walk down the block to the neighborhood school and get a good education?  I won’t even get started on what the “good education” has come to.  That’s another blog, another three hours on my soap box…

But I am acutely aware that N will be going to school next year.  Not cozy, homey…

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Crafting Imperfections


Anyone with kids can tell you doing crafts with them when they’re little is a serious exercise in flexibility.  Pinterest is full of  great Christmas craft pins for little kids, and I troll through them every year for ideas that will make good homemade decorations.  This year, I decided we’d use branches from the pine tree in the back yard to print Christmas trees on paper, and then the kids could use their fingerprints to make the ornaments on the tree.  Great idea, right?!

via Crafting Imperfections.